Throwback Thursday

Video Courtesy of Donate Life Northwest and created by Ed Flynn Productions (

This video was created for the annual Donate Life NW Lifesavers Breakfast in 2015.  I can’t believe how much time has passed and how much has changed since then.  When I did the story, I had yet to be listed on the transplant list. I was still going through the extensive tests required for one to be listed on the transplant waiting list.  I had also not started Peritoneal Dialysis.  

I’ve been volunteering with Donate Life NW since I had my first transplant in 1998.  Their organization is very important to me and impacts many lives.  If hadn’t been for an organ donor, I would not be here today, and my life still depends on the decisions of possible organ donors.  

Please take the time to read about Organ and Tissue Donation by clicking here.    

Alysia Yamasaki