Sad, Disappointed, and Frustrated

I can’t describe the sadness or disappointment that my mom, Joshua and I are all feeling. We are all heart broken.

Last night after waiting in the hospital for about 11 hours we were finally informed that the donor’s kidneys were not in the condition they were hoping for, thus not able to donate.

All day, we had been sure that the transplant would be a go. The fellow doctor had mentioned that there was a slight chance that when they would harvest the donor that the kidneys would not be good, but we had hope. I was a match and very compatible with the donor.

It’s very heartbreaking and hard for me to process what happened, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I am confident that I will have a kidney soon.

I wasn’t the only one left in heartbroken last night, there was another patient waiting for the second kidney. I’m sure they are feeling the same way I am.

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support that was sent our way. We wish the best for the donor’s family and for the other kidney recipient.

If you’re not yet, please consider being an organ and tissue donor. You can register ad Or if you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor for me, please contact me.

Thank you all and much love,

All of us, after an exhausting day in the hospital.

All of us, after an exhausting day in the hospital.

Alysia Yamasaki