Go get that Kidney

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What a ride I've had over the past couple of days.  On Monday around 6 pm, I received a call from OHSU letting me know that I was the back-up person for a kidney.  A back-up person is someone who is next in line for a kidney if the first person is unable to receive it.  The nurse informed that they would follow-up with me on the following day by noon.  She told me to go about my day normally.  

Around 11:45 am the next day, I received another phone call and the nurse told me what I was still on call for back-up.  The person ahead of me was waiting for kidney/pancreas transplant, which takes priority over just a kidney transplant.  Kidney and Pancreas transplant must come from the same donor.  They still weren't sure if it was a go, so they told me to wait and that they would call me by 9 am the next morning.

After anxiously waiting with phone close-by and volume up loud, the call finally came around 9:15 pm.  I was informed that I would be getting the kidney.  

By 10:30 pm, we checked in the hospital and started the preliminary check-offs for the transplant: blood work, IV, and many conversations with many different doctors.  

After a restless night, we are now sitting here waiting.  We are way too familiar with waiting.  Joshua has been a great help and my mom is on her way now from Klamath Falls. 

Thank you to my family, close friends, and my health team for being there and supporting me.  You all know how much this means to me and the mental toll that waiting has had on me over the past couple of months. 

Lastly, I am so thankful for one person's decision to be an organ donor.  No matter the outcome, i am very grateful for the donor and their family.  Please send your thoughts and prayers to the donor family. 

Joshua will, once again, be updating the blog through-out my stay.  If all goes well, they have me scheduled for surgery this afternoon.  Please send prayers my way.  

Alysia Yamasaki